Fitness Secrets You Want To Know Of From Famous Celebrity Trainers

Almost every Hollywood star has their own fitness trainer, someone who tells them which workouts are right given their body types, as well as makes sure they are doing the workouts correctly, so they are not hurting their body.

And these trainers can be credited for the “hot bodies” these celebrities have that we all want ourselves.
Luckily, some of these trainers are generous enough to spill some juicy secrets on how to achieve that figure you have always wished for!
Fitness secrets unraveled!

Gunnar Peterson, whose clients include Sofia Vergara, and Kim and Khloe Kardashian, believes that you do not have to go all out each session; sometimes, you just have to take it slow and easy, but surely of course! So take a nice brisk walk in the evening.
Astrid Swan, who has already trained Kimberly Stewart and Julianne Hough, says you have to be consistent with your workouts that you already consider them as part of your lifestyle.
Mandy Ingber, who helps Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston keep in shape, thinks you have to love your body first before anything else—never compare yourself to anyone else because you are awesome just the way you are.

More confessions from celebrity trainers!
Teddy Bass, who trains the likes of Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, believes that it is so much better to do your workouts in the morning so you would have a more heightened metabolism for the remainder of the day.
On one hand, Andie Hecker, who works with Kristen Bell and Natalie Portman, advises you to do 40 minutes of cardio exercises each session.
Jeanette Jenkins, whose clients include Alicia Keys, Pink, and Kelly Rowland, says it is important to schedule your workouts and to actually look forward to doing them and be super excited about them—they make you healthier and stronger, anyway!

Are you inspired to hit the gym now?

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