Favorite Snacks Of The Most Famous Celebrities

These celebrities are snacking wisely—they got all the freedom in the world to eat junk food in between meals, but they always choose healthier options. They prefer stuff that can help them maintain their hard-earned bikini bodies. They cannot just work out every single day of the week just to find themselves eating crap at the end of each session!
What these celebrities are snacking on

Lady Gaga loves green tea (which offers an enormous amount of antioxidants and which helps in digestion). Blake Lively, on the one hand, is a fan of LUNA Protein bars as each of these contains a total of just 200 calories, packed with generous amounts of iron, fiber, folate, and calcium. Singer Jennifer Hudson loves her some VitaMuffin because it tastes like heaven (thick chocolate goodness) and only has 100 calories.
Healthy snacks for these gorgeous celebrities

Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with this Smartwater bottled water that is electrolyte-infused and vapor-instilled. Madonna makes sure she chugs lots of Coconut Water, an all-natural drink that is rich in potassium and is free of cholesterol and fat. Paula Abdul is madly in love with this late-night snack called NightFood, packed with six grams of protein and five grams of fiber.
And, those are some snacking inspirations worth considering.

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