Venus William’s Provides Some Serious Health Tips

One of the greatest athletes in the world of tennis, Venus William’s stays at the top of her game by making sure to keep a healthy way of life. William’s tries to stay as healthy as possible at all times with a rigorous fitness regimen and by trying to maintain a healthy diet.
Working Out

As much time Venus spends on the tennis court, she makes sure to spend just as long working out in the gym, but that amount of time varies, depending on how much time she has between and before tennis matches.
Venus has the mentality that she needs to be at peak performance to be the best, and recognizes that is something that can only be achieved through hard work and dedication, on the court, and in the gym. She has emphasized her love for workouts that involve fast-paced movements, like sprinting, swimming and plyometrics. For those who are wondering, she loves to put in work to get toned abs, so she also loves workouts that involve the use of medicine balls to improve her core.
Healthy But Reasonable Dieting

As a athlete who is always looking to build muscle, all while trying to stay as lean as possible, Venus has embraced a diet comprised entirely of plant-based consumables. In order to get in the protein needed to build significant amount of muscle, she consumes legumes, nuts and protein shakes to fuel her body.
Embracing cheat days Williams admits that she is human and from time to time, does splurge on sweets and heavily buttered meals, when the occasional craving for those kinds of foods kick in.

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