3 Products Disguised As Healthy Foods

Veggie Chips

By looking at the name, you may think that these are a healthy alternative to potato chips, but when taking a closer look at the label you’ll discover that it contains the same kinds of additives that you’d find in junk food. A lot of these contents include artificial ingredients, and aren’t healthy for you at all. On top of that, you’ll find that a single serving has the equivalent calories as chips. Not healthy at all.

Flavored Yogurts

Plain yogurt can be great for the body as it is an amazing source of protein and calcium, but when in the grocery store shopping it’s better to hold off on buying those flavored packages, and instead reach for those plain packages. When buying flavored yogurts, you’ll find that they contain as much sugar as a bag of candy. Love yogurt but not a fan of the plain flavoring? Try adding some honey or cut up fruit to it instead to add some flavor.

Salad Dressings

Salads often seem like a healthy meal and when done right they can be, but most people make the mistake of using a dressing that can do more harm than help. When making your way through the grocery aisles, a lot of the salad dressings out there contain a large amount of artificial ingredients and flavorings, which we don’t want. Instead, look through your pantry and you’ll most likely find ingredients to make a salad dressing of your own, plus it’ll be much easier on the wallet. For a basic dressing, all you really need is some oil, vinegar and seasoning.

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