Study: Types Of Food That Can Raise/Lower Chances Of Heart Disease

A new study regarding types of food affecting chances of heart disease has come out, with researchers coming up with ways to reduce the amounts of death tied to heart disease and related illnesses by nearly half.
According to researchers in Boston who have been working on the study since 2012, foods that we want to avoid include foods and drinks packed with sugar and salt, and instead we want to eat more fresh produce and whole grains. Research has found that almost 50% of heart disease related deaths could have been avoided simply by changing their eating habits.
Beneficial Foods:

• Fruits & Vegetables
•Whole Grains
Detrimental Foods:

•Processed Meats
•Sugared Drinks
•Salty Foods
•Red Meat
One of the key things to look out for was the amount of salt intake from processed foods, with research showing that the average person eats more the twice the amount of salt that they need. On top of that, most people are consuming more red meat than they should, and we should be limiting consuming them to only once a week.
Instead, we should be eating more seafood, fresh produce to strengthen our hearts.

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